Constitutional Crisis: Where is the Outrage Congress? Time to Pick Up the Ball on an Obstructionist Wall!

I don’t like to blog a lot on politics, but it is time for Americans to write to our Congressional Leaders and get them to stand up to a Presidential Constitutional Bully!

Our one-note Charlie President in saying repeatedly, “Build Me a Wall!”

Congress has allowed “The Wall” to get in the way of their duty as a body to discuss and develop solutions to one of the simplest of governmental problems, approving a long term budget to run crucial portions of our country.  They have a job to do and they are avoiding it because the President is being allowed to act as their dictator.

How have we gotten to the point where “The Wall” is Congress’s Ball,” and nobody at all is screaming about running the Government?

1. Congress has forgotten how to discuss and pass even the simplest of resolutions without adding their “Pork Barrels.” Thus somehow, extending a budget, has become a vector to push the President’s pet project, the wall.

2. Our President has forgotten his role, which is, to make things work. He will not advocate for the jobs and salaries of over 800,000 of his employees. It is the President  who is responsible for making the government run smoothly, and he is not.

800,000 human beings are being held hostage and the secure running of our airplanes, agriculture, businesses, taxes, disease control, etc….. is at stake!

In the Business World, a run-amok CEO can be overruled and even fired by the Board of Directors. The CEO must make the business operate in a smooth manner.

In the same way, with our country’s CEO, or President, if he is run-amok, then the full Board, in this case, Congress, can rein him in.  

A Presidential Bully-Boy who has held 800,000 persons hostage for over a month for his triviatal wall is out of control of his country and himself! His proposed tactic of a 2 week reopening of the government in order to pressure Congress into giving him a wall should be the final straw for our Congress.

Are we going to see Congress deal with a man who would be a dictator to them?

Where is the outrage, Congress? You must stand up for your Constitutional Rights and Duties! Put forward a long term bill to reopen the government and get our country back to full functioning. Let the Pre4sident veto it and then just Override any veto!

Quit even mentioning “The Wall”!  Let it Die on the Table!

If you don’t act, “The Bullying will only get worse.”



4 Comments on “Constitutional Crisis: Where is the Outrage Congress? Time to Pick Up the Ball on an Obstructionist Wall!

  1. All other countries have stronger and stricter immigration laws than we do. If we get any weaker, we might as well have open borders. Is that what you want, seriously?

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    • GP, A very good comment and I think you are misinterpreting my overall view on the subject of immigration. Guess I better blog a clarification. But the short answer is, “No, I think immigration is an extremely complex situation and we as a country have not and are not addressing this complexity by beating each other up about the political and pundit buzz-word The Wall. Based on pictures, we certainly need to fix some fences along the border, we need to install listening devices that will detect tunneling, we need to increase drone flights that will detect day or night human movement across the borders and we need to increase our immigration and border personnel so that we can process legitimate refugees faster, deport fakers immediately back to their country of origins and have the personnel and ID system to better staff the consulates and entry points that process all of our skilled legal farm workers so that they can continue to pick, pack, prune, plant and maintain our agricultural crops which on the West Coast will never find sufficient skilled Americans to do their jobs. This is the kind of thing I keep hoping the President will come out with and task congress to plan for and fund. It’s going to cost us more than 5.7 billion. We have the laws, we just don’t do what we should do to make them work. That’s why I see our current debate as simplistic and doomed to failure. Thanks for your question, More in my next blog. Sincerely, Rick

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