Ghost Fire by Wilbur Smith, with Tom Harper: Book Review

Ghost Fire (Courtney, #18)

Ghost Fire by Wilbur Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed the book thoroughly! It surprised me in being a novel about India and the American French and Indian War, but as usual, the master of historical fiction brings it all together with a slam-dunk of a book starting with the youthful lives of Connie and Theo Courtney in colonial India, and their trials, battles, and miraculous escapes during the Indian rebellion. Theo, presuming his sister’s death at the hands of an Indian potentate, journey’s to America to give condolences to a fallen comrade’s family and finds true love. Escaping from a religious cult, he falls into the hands of marauding Indians. Again, after a miraculous escape, he enlists in the American Rangers of the French and Indian War, leading a brilliant attack on a French fort on the Great Lakes. Connie, equally endowed with both beauty and luck, escapes India with a French Officer. Her adventures in and around the wild party life of the Parisian elite leave her no choice but to choose between life as a submissive sex-slavery to a madman or being stationed in French-occupied Canada with a General in charge of throwing the British and the Rangers out of the entire Great Lakes region. This dramatic novel’s ending leaves you hanging until the very last pages. Don’t miss this fast-moving surprise filled book!

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