The Sixth Man by David Baldacci, a Book Review

The Sixth Man (Sean King & Michelle Maxwell, #5)

The Sixth Man by David Baldacci

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At what point will the computer world and fast-moving information world outpace the ability of humans to deal with the input to make logical governmental decisions. The world of computers has gotten us here and we already know that most of us can’t keep up with IT even at our home-grown level of information through our PCs and Phones. Author Baldacci has captured this theme; a place where even the best brains at our national decision-making levels begin to break down. What if we find a person or a way to make sense out of all this higher-level data? If we find humans who can handle all the IT data at once, will they be like Edgar Ray, a weird nerdy fellow who, with the leadership and brilliant guidance of Peter Bunting brings about a revolution in the analysis of intelligence? What will the old guard, who have controlled the decision-making power of the intelligence community for years, do when they find they are left behind? This is novel about intrigue at the highest levels of government with all its gamesmanship and skullduggery. All eyes are focused on one man’s unique talents. One side wants to utilize him for the betterment of our nation, while the other side wants to destroy him and keep the old ways intact even if they lead to wrong decision making and global conflagration. Sean King and Michele Maxwell are once again at the cutting edge of an investigation into corruption at the highest levels of our government. As sources of information are murdered, and the duo narrowly escape death, the race to save Edgar Ray from multiple murder charges seems to be reaching a dead end. What are the Secretary of Homeland Security, Ellen Foster, and Bunting’s rival, Mason Quantrell, up to? What are the true roles of Edgar Ray’s half-sister, the mysterious Mr. Harkes, and FBI agent Murdock? Although wordy at times and repetitious in the middle of the book, author Baldacci has once again found a mystery theme that stikes at the heart of our modern computer era. Stay with it until the end and you will find out all the answers. An excellent read!

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